Avoid waste, overspending during Raya

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MUSLIMS in Brunei need to practise moderation in celebrating the upcoming Hari Raya Aidil Fitri as overspending and excessive waste are often apparent during this festive month, said an officer from Islamic Da’wah Centre.

During a special forum organised by the centre yesterday at the Islamic Da’wah Centre in Berakas, the speaker, Isham Ismail said that it is wrong to make use of Aidil Fitri as an excuse to spend the money on getting new furniture, house renovation and expensive Hari Raya garments.

“Hari Raya teaches us to live and spend moderately. Zakat is mandatory and donation is non-obligatory (sunat) on Muslims during Ramadhan and Aidil Fitri (so) that we can lend our hand to poor and destitute,”

“Every year, we hear the news where Bruneians flock to furniture stores and supermarkets to buy of foods supply in abundance for the festive season and purchase luxury furniture,” he said, adding that people tend to interpret Hari Raya differently nowadays.

“It’s about welcoming people to our house, strengthening the bonds and serving foods to our guests moderately and not to show off that we can afford to buy expensive items or food,” he said.

He added that Islam requires Muslims to wear the best garment during Hari Raya but not to buy them repetitively. “If our previous garments are still in good condition, we should use them and avoid buying unnecessary items.”

The speaker said buying things for this celebration is not wrong but using Aidil Fitri as a means to spend repetitively can negate the exact idea of the religious feast.

Wastefulness and overspending, he said, are not encouraged in Islam as these actions could lead someone to instill the value of overbearing and arrogant.

“We might want to have better items hoping that in return it can impress other people. It’s human nature to compare with other people and this result in spending more than we need.

“It’s understandable that it makes us happy when we shop especially for Hari Raya celebration, but overspending often lead to excessive waste which is not allowed in Islam.”

He said in Islam we were urged to spend wisely and not to buy things that we don’t need.

“Living in Brunei, wealth might easy come to us, but it will not remain with us for a long time.

“Bruneians need to be more aware of the need to save for future rather than to spend their money vigorously at present,” he said, adding that if we keep on practising such attitude, the future generation might see Aidil Fitri in a different way.

“Spend our money in accordance with your income and don’t buy things based on your wants. Strengthen your ibadah (acts of worship and charity) in Ramadhan and not emphasise on what to spend on the last 10 days of Ramadhan.”

Yesterday’s forum also featured a presentation by the Acting Assistant Director of Syariah Affairs Department, Hj Saharuddin Hj Patra on the benefits of intensifying ibadah in Ramadhan.

The Brunei Times