Village head recruitment still an issue for district office

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RECRUITMENT of new village heads in the Brunei-Muara district remains problematic due to the low turnout of applicants, according to the head of Village Chiefs and Village Heads Institution’s Section at Brunei-Muara District Office.

In an interview with The Brunei Times recently, Rosdin Hj Abdul Aziz who is also the acting assistant district officer, said that the probability of finding qualified candidates for village heads became significantly lower due to the small number of applications received.

“Out of the 20 village heads’ vacancies in the district we advertised in Pelita Brunei in September last year, we only received 11 applications,” he said.

He added, among the applications received, some did not even meet the age requirements and the qualifications required under the new scheme of service.

The new Skim Perkhidmatan Penghulu dan Ketua Kampung 2013 implemented last year require candidates for village heads to be between the ages of 45 to 55 years old while having at least two ‘O’levels for their academic qualifications in order for them to be eligible for the candidacy.

The officer went on to say that currently there are 31 out of the 113 positions for village heads in Brunei-Muara that still need to be filled.

He attributed public’s conceptions of village heads’ roles and responsibilities being too burdensome as among the reasons for the public’s lack of interest in applying for the jobs.

“This is why the new service scheme is introduced because the revised salary scale for these leaders is in accordance to the tasks and responsibilities they carry out as leaders,” he said. In addressing the current apathy from the public, the officer said that they also asked for cooperation of grassroot leaders to ‘scout’ for potential candidates especially those under the MPKs.

“The reason why we also look for potential candidates from these MPKs is because these people are already involved in their circles of community and have experienced in dealing with community work and services.”

This, he added, also meant that members of MPKs are ‘exposed’ to people in the village, so people can entrust them with the responsibilities of village heads should they be appointed as one. Aside from that, the officer said they are also looking into advertising the vacancies in other media in the near future in hopes that more members of the public will come forward and step up to the plate.

The Brunei Times