Pusat Bahagia revamps skills training

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PUSAT Bahagia, under the Community Development Department (JAPEM), has improved its skills training programmes to match the needs of the job market in a bid to strengthen its students’ employability.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, the principal of Pusat Bahagia, Mohd Nasrullah El-Hakim Hj Muhammed, said they have upgraded their programmes which include carpentry, landscape gardening and a cooking course in order for their students to be able to compete in the contemporary job market.

“We have to go along with the job market with today’s world because we don’t want our students to lose out to more skilled and experienced individuals when they apply for jobs outside of the centre.

“For instance, tailoring; previously what we taught the students may be too simple in terms of sewing. (But) now we’re teaching them skills in embroidery as well as beading; skills for them to construct a fashionable garment,” he added.

The job market nowadays for those with special needs is challenging, said Mohd Nasrullah, which is why the centre aims to equip its students with the skills to be able to enter a niche market where there is less competition.

The niche market he mentioned includes creating an enterprise for landscape gardening as well as jobs within the tourism and hospitality industry.

Mohd Nasrullah said the sultanate has improved overall in terms of accommodating the needs of individuals with special needs, including installing ramps in public buildings and the use of Braille in elevators.

“People are more knowledgeable in regards to individuals with special needs. People are starting to acknowledge them, learn about them, and from this, it’s evident that the residents of the sultanate are starting to accept them more,” he said.

“At the end of the day, what these individuals want – and this is according to what I’ve asked them – is to be accepted.”

The Brunei Times