JA Brunei launches Financial Literacy Camp

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FIFTEEN primary school students will be taking part in Junior Achievement (JA) Brunei’s first Financial Literacy Camp today at the iCentre in Kg Anggerek Desa.

Although JA Brunei aimed to get a maximum of 30 participants, JA Brunei Managing Director Louis Tan said the camp will still go on as he recently took the initiative to further promote it to attract more participants.

Tan said the six-day camp from June 27 to July 2 aims to teach the primary school students about earning, spending, saving and donating money, which he believes are important skills for the youths to be equipped with.

“Our mission is to inspire and prepare the youth; to prepare them for the new global economy. This camp is to enable the students to be more financially literate,” he said in an interview.

He said financial skills must be taught to youths at an early age, as it will ensure they are financially organised for their future.

“If they start with bad (financial) habits at a young age, when they get older, it will be more stressful for them. Some young adults now are struggling and finding it stressful,” he said.

He said the skills they learn from the camp will benefit them when they grow up, providing them with a solid financial background to ensure they will be economically successful.

Throughout the camp, the youths will be taught by volunteers who are equipped with financial and business experience. Tan said the students will also take part in practical education where they will play educational games to help them understand the financial challenges they could face in the future and take action.

He said the students will learn how and when to save money, spend money and prioritise their spending, adding that they will also learn about the importance of donating money as it will help further strengthen the community.

Besides financial literacy, the youths will also be taught about work readiness and entrepreneurship during the camp.

Tan said the camp will be organised annually to further educate youths about financial literacy.

“Once they finish (taking part) in this programme, hopefully they will practice what they’ve learnt because they will benefit from it,” he added.

The Brunei Times