JIS sees surge in new Year 12 applicants

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JERUDONG International School (JIS) is facing a surge in new applicants as its sixth form continues to pull in top students from Brunei and abroad.

JIS Principal Barnaby Sandow revealed that the number of new students applying into Year 12 has doubled for the upcoming academic year. The school received around 50 to 60 new applicants for 2016/2017, well above the average figure of 30 to 40 in previous years.

“We’re really pleased with the number of applicants we’ve had into Year 12, and we’re very impressed by the quality of applicants,” he said in a recent interview.

He described the standard of incoming sixth form students as “fantastic” and indicated they surpassed the school’s entrance criteria of at least five grade Bs in I/GCSEs as well as grade Cs in English and maths.

“The word is getting out there that JIS is a place where you can get excellent exam results and aspire to be the very best version of yourself that you can be,” he said.

JIS students recorded another strong performance in A2 Level exams last year, marking an improvement from their 2014 AS Level results. Over 60 per cent of grades were B or above, while 48 per cent of A Level maths were at grades A* or A.

In 2015, the students’ average score of 35.4 in the International Baccalaureate diploma programme was a new JIS record, beating the world average of 29.8.

Following graduation from sixth form, many of the students attend higher education in prestigious institutions such as Cambridge University, Imperial College and Berkeley University, according to the JIS website.

Despite hefty tuition fees of up to $25,650 annually at sixth form, Sandow believes more parents are viewing education at JIS as a worthwhile investment in their children’s future.

“I’m not pretending the investment is small, but the returns you get from this in terms of maximising opportunities and potential, in my opinion, are a very good investment...People are realising this actually represents good value for money,” he said.

A number of new applicants are also from overseas, a trend which the principal attributed to the school’s established reputation in providing good facilities at its boarding house. The website stated there are approximately 350 students currently enrolled in sixth form at JIS representing more than 30 different nationalities. A sizeable group of the students in Year 12 and 13 are boarders.

The Brunei Times