Young food entrepreneurs urged to join Belait Ramadhan bazaar

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FOOD vendors at Belait’s Ramadhan bazaar are encouraging young food entrepreneurs to set up stalls there as they would likely attract more customers with their innovative presentation and marketing skills.

The vendors, who are taking part in the bazaar in the Tudung Saji area of Kuala Belait, said these young entrepreneurs would likely have new and innovative ideas for presenting and selling their food to customers.

This would in turn diversify the choices customers would have at the event and would likely draw more people to the area for the selection of foods offered, they said.

This view was shared by Arfique Sidqi Asri, owner of the Red Rooster Café, who opened a stall at the bazaar. He said the strong competition from the young vendors may encourage other vendors to enhance their capabilities in promoting their food to customers.

“Even though there may be strong competition that way, (our sales) may still depend on our own capabilities to provide (better) food to our customers.

“If the food is really delicious and is presented in an attractive way, there’s no doubt that people will still flock around (the young vendors’) booths to get the food they were offering,” he said.

As his booth mainly offers homemade burgers, Arfique Sidqi said he is only facing competition from two other vendors at the bazaar while the rest are only selling burgers using store-bought patties.

With more competitors, he said vendors could also help each other learn to improve their business approach while at the same time exchange ideas on how to better run their businesses.

Sharing his opinion was Putera Muhammad Khalil Azwan Shah, the man behind Ayam Gunting, a dish that has yet to make a breakthrough nationwide.

Based on his observations, he said most Bruneians would go for food presented in different and new ways, like his food product.

“This is also my first time joining in this Ramadhan food sale, and despite being new, our product has been well received here, Alhamdulillah,” he said. He previously sold his brand at the Belait Fair.

With his food product, Muhd Khalil said he was able to earn an average profit of $300 per day since Ramadhan started and hoped it would continue that way until the end of the fasting month.

The idea was also supported by Juani Ahmad, a grilled food vendor, who hopes that more young people will take up the call of being more proactive and use the available venues to grow their businesses.

Over 240 people have applied to set up Ramadhan stalls in Kuala Belait and Seria this year, with 212 of them located in Kuala Belait and another 30 at the compound of Seria’s wet market.

Like previous years, the Ramadhan stalls are divided into six categories: those selling cooked food, grilled food, fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and other sundry items.

The stalls will be open from 2pm to 6pm until the end of Ramadhan.

The Brunei Times