MoRA holds Khatam ceremony

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MORE than 600 religious officers and teachers from across the sultanate took part in a Khatam Al-Quran ceremony yesterday to commemorate Nuzul Al-Quran.

Organised by the Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Section of the Department of Islamic Studies (JPI) under the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), the ceremony took place at the multipurpose hall of the Pengiran Anak Puteri Mutawakkilah Hayatul Bolkiah Religious School in Kampung Serusop.

The ceremony, held to commemorate the revelation of the Quran, started with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah led by Hj Maslee Hj Judin followed by the recitation of the ayat-ayat Quran by Brunei’s qari (male Quran reader) Ak Muhammad Adibul Amin Pg Hj Marjuki while the tafsiran (translation) was read by Azhar Samat.

The Surah Al-Fatihah was then recited by the guest of honour, Assistant Director (Professional) of JPI Ustazah Hajijah Hj Moktal.

This was followed by the recitation of Surah-Surah Lazim by the Islamic Religious Knowledge officers and teachers and a takhtim recitation.

The Doa Khatam was read by Hj Norazlan Hj Sapar followed by the Dikir Asyraqal by the male teachers.

The ceremony concluded with a Doa Selamat read by Mohammad Khairul Azami Hj Md Japar.

The Brunei Times