Concerns over Temburong roads

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THE sole Legislative Council (LegCo) member from Temburong, Yang Berhormat Hj Sulaiman Hj Ahad, has vowed to help address problems faced by district’s community, especially in regards to the district’s road conditions.

The LegCo member spoke of the bad road conditions that have yet to be addressed for a number of months, namely the potholes that are scattered along the road between Kg Puni and Bangar Town.

He said that he, along with a senior official from the Temburong district, conducted a meeting with senior officials from the Public Works Department (PWD) yesterday to discuss complaints by residents of the district regarding the road conditions.

“As a LegCo member, I also receive complaints from members of the community, and the problem with the roads is not a new thing. In fact I brought up the same issue during the 12th Legislative Council session in March,” he told _The Brunei Times _during a phone interview.

The meeting, he said, was so that the authorities would be aware that there is an outpouring of complaints by the public to demand repairs on the damaged roads.

“We don’t want any undesirable accidents to occur because it is the rainy season and the road conditions may also hinder the travel of Temburong residents and their family members when they go home for Raya,” he said.

He said that at the very least, the government authorities could fill the potholes with gravel in the meantime, adding that with the current economy, road repairs might not be the top priority.

“Nevertheless, the senior officials from the PWD are aware of this problem and they promised that road repairs will be done as soon as possible,” he said.

Deputy Minister of Development Dato Paduka Hj Suhaimi Hj Gapar said, in a recent interview, that the Ministry of Development will put in the effort to repair roads in Temburong district.

He said this during a handover ceremony of a house that was conducted at Kg Kenua, Temburong on Tuesday.

The deputy minister acknowledged that the potholes scattered between Kg Puni and Bangar Town are a problem and asked for the cooperation of the district's residents by remaining patient.

“Plans have already been made to improve the roads of not only the Temburong district but all districts (and) as for now, members of the public should be mindful when driving, especially in areas that have bad road conditions,” he added.

The Brunei Times