Brunei tops 5th ASEAN+3 contest

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A TEAM of three mentally-gifted Bruneian students emerged as the champion in the 5th ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APTJSO) that was held at the University of the Philippines-Los Banos College from June 12 to 19.

The competition saw two Bruneian teams competing against each other and 24 other teams from ASEAN countries, China, Sweden and Korea in the field of Science and Technology.

In addition to winning the gold for overall performance, Team A also won three medals in the laboratory skills assessment, achieving a gold medal in Physics, silver in Chemistry and Bronze in biology.

The members of Team A are Teo Siang Jun and Muhamad Haziq Zikry Mohammad Ariff from Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College (Maktab Sains) and Noor Imanina Hj Ahmad Nizam from Jerudong International School.

Meanwhile, Team B whose members are Adibah Syahmina Mohammad Amin from Maktab Sains, Khairul Ikhwan Abd Rahman from Katok Secondary School and Muhammad Adiib Hj Ismail from International School Brunei won a bronze medal for Physics laboratory skills.

Muhammad Adiib Hj Ismail and Adibah Syahmina Mohammad Amin also won a gold and bronze medal, respectively, for the group pitching event that required students to be separated and teamed up with participants from different countries.

In an interview, both Teo and Muhamad Haziq from Team A said that they were both happy and surprised when they were announced the champion for the competition.

“Winning first place overall, I was slightly shocked because we didn’t expect to go so far in our first ever competition. I’m proud that our team was able to get first place,” said Teo.

He added that the competition has taught him not to doubt his capabilities and to fully commit all his abilities towards completing the challenge.

Muhamad Haziq said that the competition gave him the rare opportunity to communicate and work together with other people towards a common goal, which has been a great learning experience.

“We got a chance to working with different people from different countries with different personalities. Working with people from Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines and overcoming the language barrier, this competition really taught me (the true meaning) of teamwork,” he added.

For Team B members, who are still proud their achievement, they said that they would work harder so that they can do better when given another chance to compete internationally.

“We feel proud but we could have done better. We made a lot of errors and had a few miscommunication. If we improved on that, we would have done better,” said Adibah Syahmina.

Khairul Ikhwan said that the competition has taught him to be more careful and attentive to every little detail to avoid any problems or mistake.

“To win a gold medal (for group pitching) was tough because I’m not a very social person and everyone in my team was from different countries. With the short amount of time and the pressure, I didn’t expect to stand out the most to the judges and it was a very welcoming and interesting experience,” said Muhammad Adiib.

The 5th APTJSO was hosted by the Science Education Institute, of the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology, in cooperation with University of the Philippines Los Banos and the ASEAN+3 Centre for the gifted in Science.

The Brunei Times