Remember role, responsibility to parents, AMBD staff told

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MUSLIMS must remember their roles and responsibilities in looking after their parents, said the head of Da’wah Propagation Section at the Islamic Da’wah Centre.

Ustazah Hjh Zunainah Hj Gunong said it is compulsory in Islam for all children to ensure their parents are well-looked after.

“As Muslims, we have a system where once we are born; we must give back and continue to be devoted to your parents,” she said in an interview during the special lecture at the Ministry of Finance yesterday.

She said Muslims must continue to be responsible and care for their parents, even once they are married and have their own family. She said it is important as it will ensure their parents live an easy life. Ustazah Hjh Zunainah went on to say that all the children in the family have their roles to play.

“For example, if there are 10 children (who have grown up) and their mother lives with the youngest child, it does not mean that the youngest child is the only one to look after her,” she added, “Even if your parents do not live with you, you still have to look after them by contacting and visiting them.”

She then advised Muslims to try their best to ensure their parents’ wishes are fulfilled as their success is because of their parents’ efforts in raising them. She added that Muslims must also provide any assistance necessary for their parents, such as financial assistance.

Even after their parents have passed away, Ustazah Hjh Zunainah said they must still continue to devote themselves to their parents by praying, visiting their parents’ grave and ensuring their grave is kept clean.

She said Muslims can also take the initiative to strengthen their relationship with their late parents’ families and friends.

During the lecture in conjunction with the month of Ramadhan yesterday, Ustazah Hjh Zunainah said the lecture (titled “responsibility of a child”) is aimed to remind the female Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam staff and officer on their roles as a Muslim child.

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