Local honey gets market exposure in Singapore exhibition

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HOME-BASED stingless bee honey produced by villagers in Kg Limau Manis is being showcased for the first time in an exhibition in Singapore which begins today.

A local food manufacturing firm has selected the product, known as the “Kelulut Limau Manis” (Limau Manis stingless bee) to be featured at the regional exhibition, according to Mohamad Jasni Hj Imran, a resident from the village and one of the producers of the honey.

“This is the first time ever,” said Mohamad Jasni, referring to the village’s product that is currently introduced in an expo outside the Sultanate.

He said the company, which he did not name, brought 20 bottles of 100ml stingless bee honey from the village.

Despite the small quantity, Mohamad Janis felt that the product would still benefit from the exposure it obtains at the exhibition.

He hopes that more local companies can collaborate with villagers to help promote their home-based products by bringing the products to exhibitions in foreign countries.

The bottled stingless bee honey from Kg Limau Manis is produced under the government’s One Village One Product (OVOP) initiative.

Together with other beekeepers from the village, Mohamad Jasni began producing the honey last November, by extracting the stingless bees from resinous trees in the forest, a previous report read.

The bottled honey come in different sizes from 30ml to 160ml and price ranges from $6 to $30 per bottle.

In addition to bottled honey, Mohamad Jasni also develops honey-based cookies with three different flavours such as blueberry and chocolate cookies, almond cookies and almond London cookies.

The cookie is priced from $5 to $7 per jar or from 20 cents to 30 cents per piece.

He has been receiving a big number of customer orders for the cookies during Ramadhan and has sold 50 jars to date.

A recent purchase of 30 jars was used for give away during a tadarus ceremony, while the remaining ones were ordered by individuals.

Stingless bees – which can be found in most tropical and subtropical regions such as Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia – produce honey as honey bees do.

Stingless bee honey is said to possess high nutritional value.

The stingless bees nest can be found in any resinous trees in the forest.

The Brunei Times