Foreign workers reminded to comply with immigration law

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WORKERS and visitors in Brunei are urged to ensure that they have valid immigration passes for the duration of their stay in the sultanate.

The Immigration and National Registration Department (JIPK) issued the advisory yesterday to remind foreigners in Brunei, whether holding an employment pass or social visit pass, to comply with the immigration act and regulation.

The department issued statement yesterday in light of the recent immigration raid led by a senior Immigration officer and 16 personnel on Sunday at a rented house in Mukim Sengkurong which led to the arrest of four foreign nationals.

During the raid, two of the foreign men failed to show proper identification and when the personnel found two passports, both had expired for 734 days and 419 days respectively.

Further investigation into the case is being carried and these men will be brought to court legal action if there is evidence of offence is found.

Meanwhile, the department reminded that apart from ensuring that passes are still valid, any issues regarding immigration passes such as extending social visit pass and employment passes should be personally brought forward to the immigration counters without having to rely on any unauthorised individuals.

Employers and sponsors for social visit pass are to ensure that their employee or sponsored visitors are not breaking the law such as working with a different employer or working while holding a social visit pass.

The department also reminded employers not to take in foreign workers who are not sponsored by them such as employing immigration offenders or those who are only holding a social visit pass as it is an offence which could get the employers indicted or imposed a fine not more than $3,000 for each immigration offender.

Meanwhile, for any non-locals who have served an imprisonment term, they will be deported and banned from entering Brunei.

The department is encouraging the public to report on any information related to immigration offences.

Any information given and the informant’s identity will be kept fully confidential. The information could also be relayed through JIPK’s hotline at 8734888 and 8753888.

The Brunei Times