Foreigner fined for cigarette smuggling

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A BANGLADESHI man was fined $1,750 by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday for being in possession of 50 packs of untaxed cigarettes.

Court documents state that the items were seized when customs officers raided a house in Kg Tanjung Nangka on February 17.

The cigarettes were found among the belongings of the defendant, Md Khokan Miah.

Under Section 146 (1) (i) of the Excise Order, individuals found guilty of bringing in untaxed goods are liable to a fine of not less than six times the amount of excise duty or $40,000, whichever is the lesser amount.

The excise duty to be paid on the cigarettes was $250.

The court said if the defendant cannot pay the fine by today, he must serve a prison sentence of six weeks.

The Brunei Times