‘There are no excuses to avoid reading the Quran’

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MUSLIMS in the sultanate were urged to make a habit of reciting the Quran more often as it will prevent them from being preoccupied with worldly concerns.

The Friday sermon delivered by imams at mosques nationwide yesterday noted the disappointing tendency of some Muslims to place more value and emphasis on worldly matters instead of acts of worship, particularly reading the Quran.

“What is most disappointing is that today there are some in our community who place more importance on worldly matters than in setting aside some time to read Al-Quran.”

Imams also pointed out that there are those who don’t read the Quran because they don’t know how to.

“No matter how busy we are with worldly affairs, we should never neglect Al-Quran, even if it’s just reciting a few verses a day.”

There is no excuse for anyone not to be able to read the Quran, said imams.

“The truth is there are now many facilities and provisions for Muslims to learn the Quran; for example, Quran reading classes available at mosques and schools. Reading it is a form of worship, while implementing the laws within it is an obligation.”

The sermon said in order to be able to read the Quran, one must open their heart in order to learn the noble book with willingness and determination.

There are many advantages Muslims can reap from reading the Quran.

“Imagine how much reward we can obtain if we read the Quran regularly.”

The sermon also encouraged Muslims to make the most of Ramadhan, especially to take the opportunity to read the Quran more often and to understand it.

“Ramadhan is a special month because the rewards for performing worship and good deeds in this month are multiplied. It is hoped that religious activities will always be held, not only in the month of Ramadhan but also in other months as we endeavour to make our country a Zikir Nation.”

“Ramadhan has become even more special due to an incident that occurred in it which is most historic for Muslims: the revelation of Al-Quran to Prophet Muhammad SAW.”

The Brunei Times