M’sia: Renew, apply vehicle passes or risk being fined

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BRUNEI registered cars found driving in Malaysia with expired Temporary Import Permit Vehicle Passes will be subjected to a fine of RM500 ($168), and those without it RM1,000 ($330), the Royal Malaysian Customs confirmed yesterday.

Responding to a viral message circulated on the social media platform WhatsApp since Thursday, staff at the Royal Malaysian Customs checkpoint in Sg Tujoh said the fine was a fixed “standard” that had already been in place for several months.

“We encourage all foreign cars entering Malaysia to fill or renew their passes if expired. It comes at no charge to do so,” said an officer on duty who asked not to be named.

She said that the customs’ requirement was applicable to any foreign registered vehicle driving in Malaysia, regardless of the nationality of the owner or driver.

She also said that renewing or applying for the pass was a hassle free process, normally completed within a matter of minutes, that was necessary for Malaysia's security and record-keeping purposes. However the staff on duty could neither confirm nor deny the other assertion of the shared message that claimed there was a customs road block set up at the round-a-bout near Imperial Mall in Miri town.

There were no signs of a road block when _The Brunei Times _visited the area yesterday afternoon.

Applying for the Temporary Import Permit Vehicle Passes requires a copy of the vehicle's registration card and insurance and the owner's passport.

Drivers who are applying a pass for a vehicle not registered to them are required to bring a letter of authorisation from the owner.

The Brunei Times