Fisherman lands giant ray

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A LOCAL fisherman had an unexpected catch on Friday after netting a mammoth stingray.

Hj Wasli Hj Mat Daud netted a stingray that weighed almost 300kg when he was out at sea with his crew of three workers.

“We noticed something near our boat on our fish finder. It notified us of a presence but we had no idea it would be this monstrous-sized stingray,” said the 61-year-old.

Photos of his catch went viral on social media.

“I was out at sea around 6.30am with my workers. When we found out it was a stingray, we tried taking it onto the boat but it proved too difficult so we decided to take our boat back to (shore),” he said.

It was only when they moved it out of the water did they realise the size of the stingray.

“I believe it is a ‘pari pasir’. My workers told me it was a male. It was my first time ever catching or even coming across a stingray this size,” he said, adding that he has been fishing ever since he was 10 years old.

“The lightest I have ever caught was just half a kilo but they usually average 20kg to 30kg,” said the fisherman who sells his catch with his sons at Jerudong Beach.

Other vendors at Jerudong Beach verified the large catch, noting that he had brought it to shore early Friday morning.

The Brunei Times