Gerai Ramadhan Tutong expanded

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THE Tutong District Office recently expanded its Gerai Ramadhan stalls in Tutong Town due to popular demand.

Administrative Officer Izzaty Amanina Hj Mohammad said yesterday the district office initially arranged for 40 tents with 80 stalls to be set up, but the quota was later increased to 45 tents with 90 stalls to accommodate more vendors.

“We hope this will help them to boost their income,” she said in an interview on the sidelines of a working visit to various Gerai Ramadhan stalls across the district.

She added it was encouraging to see more vendors participating in the annual event, which traditionally takes place in the fasting month.

The administrative officer said it was also a platform for some vendors to showcase their culinary creativity.

“I think it’s the trend nowadays, especially in Brunei, to come up with all these different menus for sungkai,” said Izzaty.

One of the vendors at the Gerai Ramadhan stalls in Tutong Town, located nearby the Pengiran Muda Mahkota Pengiran Muda Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah Hospital, said the public’s response have been positive as the majority of her food and drinks were sold out on a daily basis.

“We typically make around $700 in a day from our stall throughout the fasting month,” said Fauziah Hj Ahmad, owner of Fauzirah Enterprise.

It was the second time she joined the Gerai Ramadhan, motivated by strong sales during the month-long event in 2015. However, she was able to draw more customers to her stall this year by offering various sale promotions.

“We are also taking this opportunity to sell toys and traditional cakes, so we are not only making from food and drinks alone,” she said.

The working visit to the Gerai Ramadhan stalls was led by Acting Tutong District Officer Hj Adnan Hj Adam. Among those present were Tutong Fire and Rescue Operations ‘E’ Commanding Officer SSFR Tahir Hj Muktal and Acting Assistant Tutong District Officer Hj Haizul Rizal Hj Yahya.

In addition to the 90 stalls in Tutong Town, the Tutong District Office also provided 28 stalls at Gerai Kg Kupang and 12 stalls at Gerai Mukim Telisai.

The Brunei Times