Court revokes bail of man charged with theft

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A LOCAL man who is facing trial for multiple theft offences had his bail revoked yesterday after his father filed a police report.

Hj Mohammad Noramin Pateh Dato Paduka Hj Masri pleaded not guilty on June 8 this year after he was brought to court and charged with the offences.

Noramin claimed trial over four counts of entering people’s homes to steal, one count of house breaking and theft of a vehicle that were allegedly committed over a three-day period from May 20 this year.

Noramin was released on bail pending the trial on August 1.

However, prosecuting officer Nor ‘Adliatul Hidayah Hj Mohd Zaidi yesterday told the court that Noramin’s father, who bailed out the 30-year old, had filed a police report on June 14 which led to Noramin’s arrest on Wednesday.

Chief Magistrate Muhammed Faisal PDJLD DSP Hj Kefli revoked the bail as Noramin had breached the bail condition that he wasn’t supposed to commit offences while out on bail.

Noramin was further ordered to be remanded at Jerudong Prison pending the trial.

Noramin was jointly charged with four other men who were involved in a series of thefts at properties between May 19 and May 20 this year.

Three of the men are currently serving time after pleading guilty to stealing various items ranging from boxes containing antiques to a car.

Noramin and co-accused Johney Sukriman Hj Md Saidi pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

In his defence, Johney denied any knowledge or involvement in the thefts while Hj Mohammad Noramin has yet to indicate to the court his defence. Both men are unrepresented.

The Brunei Times