BruneiHalal teams up with HPC for healthier food options

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LOCAL brand BruneiHalal is collaborating with the Health Promotion Centre (HPC) to provide healthier food options in a bid to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases and obesity in Brunei, said a senior official from Ghanim International Corporation recently.

Ghanim International is a wholly-owned government company behind the development, marketing and promotion of BruneiHalal products across the world, including the United Kingdom.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Ghanim Chief Executive Officer Dr Nur Rahman said BruneiHalal has teamed up with the Health Ministry to produce healthy food products that are low in sodium and sugar, in an effort to prevent and control Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity in the sultanate.

“We are working with HPC, they tell us what Brunei needs (in terms of healthy food) and we provide them with it,” he said.

The Ghanim CEO said the food products contain less sugar and sodium without compromising its taste.

“We tailor our products to fit the needs of people in Brunei,” he said.

It was previously reported that obesity prevalence in Brunei is close to 30 per cent while the diabetes rate is over 12 per cent.

This was revealed by Health Minister, Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Dr Hj Zulkarnain Hj Hanafi during the World Health Organisation Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland on May 23rd this year.

The Health Minister said tackling non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Brunei poses challenges that cannot be met by his ministry alone.

According to Dr Nur some of its food products include Nutrisal, Provia Natural Sweetener, Super Soya and Cordial drinks.

These foods are salt and sugar replacement products and cordials with reduced or non-added sugar.

“The good thing about our products is that it’s healthier and yet doesn’t compromise its taste,” he said, adding that Nutrisal – a salt product – contains 57 per cent reduction in sodium with a shelf life of 12 months.

Dr Nur said ten types of beverages called ‘Cordia’ containing natural sweeteners will also be made available in Brunei, adding that the drinks has no added-sugar, making it ideal for diabetic customers.

“Sodium is the reason behind high blood pressure and heart diseases so with these products in the market, it can cater to patients who are diabetic and are hypertensive,” said Dr Nur.

BruneiHalal also came up with a soy product called Super Soya manufactured from natural soybean paste made from 100 per cent non Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

According to Dr Nur, these products will be available in local supermarkets by June 28th.

He hoped Bruneians will be more aware on the importance of healthy eating, with the availability of healthy food options in the market.

The Brunei Times