Vendors struggle at Tamu Gadong’s weekend market

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VENDORS at the Tamu Gadong weekend market are struggling to make sales despite officers from the Municipal Department saying that they have received a high number of applications from vendors to operate at the market.

One of the vendors at the weekend market, Hj Metarsat Hj Moktar, said he has only made $1 since the new market opened on June 3.

He blamed the poor sales on the ‘unlively’ surroundings as there were only a few vendors operating at the site.

“I don’t know why there aren’t as many vendors as there should be. But if business is bad like this, even the cost of petrol to get here isn’t worth it,” said Hj Metarsat who lives in Lumapas.

Rintong Puchok who sells vegetables at the market told The Brunei Times that he has not made a single sale since he started his stall.

“People might not be aware of (the market) during the weekend at this place which is why there are hardly any customers here,” said Rintong from Kampung Mentiri.

An official from the Municipal Department said that the department is currently addressing the issue.

“Many might still think only Tamu Kianggeh has the weekend market. But now we have opened the weekend market at the new Tamu Gadong too,” said the official.

The market operates on Fridays and Sundays from 6am to 12pm.

“We are looking to promote the weekend business at Tamu Gadong through local media like radio stations and newspapers to instill more public awareness about these weekend vendors.”

Another official from the Municipal Department said that more than 90 slots have been filled for the weekend market.

“The weekend market houses 200 (stalls) for four categories of vendors – those selling takeaway food and drinks, fruits and vegetables, clothes and accessories, and retail products such as cooking oil,” said the official who declined to be named.

The official told The Brunei Times that 50 slots are allocated for each category, with applications for the food and drinks and fruits and vegetables slots filling up fast.

The officer said the department is still accepting applications from interested parties to join the weekend market.

The Brunei Times