Pusat Da’wah 5-day Ramadhan Al-Quran Series starts

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THE Pusat Da’wah Islamiah kicked off a five-day Ramadhan Al-Quran Series yesterday to help the youth familiarise themselves with Islam’s noble book.

Organised by the centre’s Belia Da’ie, 40 youth attended yesterday’s first day of the series.

The Belia Da’ie said the series of talks aims to acquaint the youth with interpretations of the Al-Quran, to deepen the understanding of Juz ‘Amma (short surah) and to enliven Ramadhan.

Invited speaker Dr Kamaru Salam Yusof, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Economy and Islamic Finance of Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA), spoke on the intepretations of the Al-Quran.

“For example, for Surah Al-Baqarah (chapter: The Cow), you may not be able to connect the content of the surah and the chapter name – unless interpreted further – as there may be barely anything about a cow in the surah.

“One may think that Allah SWT named the chapter without any connections but Allah SWT would not randomly give a name like that, there is always a purpose,” he said.

He said the whole of the _surah _entails instances and lessons on the reluctance of the Bani Israel or children of Israel during the time of Prophet Musa (Pbuh) when asked to slaughter the cow.

“They gave excuses, they were reluctant, they didn’t take the command of God seriously and the whole surah entails instances of man disobeying the command of Allah SWT.

“So when we hear the name of Al-Baqarah we will remember the reluctance they (Bani Israel) had and that is the point of the name (Al-Baqarah), it reinforces the lesson that we should not be like the Bani Israel and disobey Allah SWT,” he said.

The Belia Da’ie has 265 members from higher institutions in the nation since it formed in 2012.

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