Halal permit can now be obtained within 45 days

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HALAL certification and permit can now be obtained within 45 calendar days as opposed to a process that could take anywhere between two months to two years, according to the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB) and the Halal Food Control Division, Syariah Affairs Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs.

In a press statement issued yesterday, MUIB along with the Halal Food Control Division, have committed to issuing halal certification and halal permits within 45 calendar days for each application.

The purple Halal certification logo is given by MUIB to certify that food service industry premises and products follow Brunei Halal standards.

The Halal Food Control Division said the process involved in getting the permits had been reformed and enhanced. These include procedures for form submission, inspection, recognising full cooperation of the company during the audit process, payment processing and printing of the certificate or permit.

“These improvements are made for the convenience and confidence to entrepreneurs in the food sector and owners of food and beverage premises in developing their business further. These changes are also to assist with the Government of His Majesty’s initiative to promote the economic development of the country through ease of doing business”, according to the press statement.

The statement said the challenges in developing a better process in Halal certification, MUIB and the Halal Food control division did not affect the integrity and transparency in meeting the needs of the Brunei Halal Standard that had been outlined by MUIB.

More information on the process application can be found at the Ministry of Religious Affairs website at www.kheu.gov.bn.

The Brunei Times