24-hour deadline to fix faults in fire safety systems

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THE Fire and Rescue Department is currently studying ways to develop a fire code which allows it to impose a 24-hour period for building owners to repair their fire protection facilities if found faulty upon inspection.

Hj Juni Hj Aris, deputy head of the the department’s Fire Prevention Unit, told The Brunei Times recently that the fire code is expected to act as a supplement to the newly introduced Fire Safety Order 2016.

The code is also expected to allow the authorities to take action against building owners who fail to maintain the facilities after obtaining fire safety certification.

The fire protection facilities, he added, may include fire alarm systems installed in the building and fire extinguishers, which may help minimise the casualties and losses should there be incidents of fire.

At the moment, Hj Juni said the department has entered discussions on formulating the code with architects and consultants who are experts in fire protection system.

The department, said Hj Juni, will also be examining some of the best practices from other countries including Malaysia and Singapore, and see if that can be adapted in Brunei.

“But this does not mean that we are behind in this; it is amongst our efforts to further advance our safety procedures and at the same time further ensure the safety of the people,” he said.

As Brunei is moving towards becoming a pro-business nation, Hj Juni said the fire code along with the Fire Safety Order 2016 is aimed to provide more security for those doing business in the country.

While the department is still in the process of reaching out to the business community and explaining the code to them, Hj Juni hoped that, once implemented, businesses can be conducted smoothly and safely in Brunei.

The Brunei Times