Online presence spurs Kg Putat park

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VILLAGE Head of Kg Putat Yang Berhormat Hj Jumat Akim said that he has noted an increase in the number of visitors to the Kg Putat Herbal Recreational Park this year, primarily due to their online promotional efforts.

Speaking to The Brunei Times in a phone interview, YB Hj Jumat said that online marketing tools such as Facebook helped attract visitors from afar.

Alhamdulillah, this year definitely we have already seen an increase in the number of visitors from what I can see. Just in the past few months we received groups of visitors from both Thailand and Malaysia,” he said.

“This was due to our promotional efforts done not only through traditional methods like establishing contacts and raising awareness of the place through newspapers but also using modern methods such as the Internet,” he said.

YB Hj Jumat estimated that there has already been 300 visitors to the park this year, although he was not able to provide estimations for previous years.

YB Hj Jumat, who is also a member of the Legislative Council, said that the encouraging response would prompt him to increase investment in online marketing, should the funds become available.

“Currently, any marketing costs are borne by a collection among the members of the village consultative council (MPK) so it is not a (big) fund but we will increase the efforts if InsyaAllah there is more funds available,” he said.

As for future plans at the herbal recreational park, the village head said that it will continue organising its annual Family Day celebrations at the park, slated to be held sometime in August, to further attract visitors from surrounding villages to Kg Putat.

“In addition, the MPK is planning a charity run at our village to add variety to the activities hosted by the herbal recreational park,” he said.

The 0.25-hectare Kg Putat Herbal Recreational Park was opened on June 6, 2010 by the former minister of development to stimulate the local village economy. There is no entry fee charged to enter and explore the park.

Marketed as the flagship offering from MPK Kg Putat’s One Village One Product initiative, the herbal recreational park was built in cooperation with the department of parks, recreation and environment as an eco-tourism destination.

The Brunei Times