KRK seeks NCB’s cooperation for rehabilitation of kids with drugs cases

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THE Welfare Home Complex (KRK) is currently looking to collaborate with the Narcotics Control Bureau in facilitating the complex’s residents under rehabilitation who are positive on drugs.

According to the Community Development Department’s (JAPEM) head officer of KRK, Khairul Arifin, presently KRK has 55 residents including four boys and two girls who tested positive on drugs or had drug-related cases prior to being admitted at the complex.

“We don’t have the resources or the capability to deal with these children but NCB has,” said Khairul, who is also the acting assistant director of JAPEM’s Rehabilitation and Protection Division told The Brunei Times, adding that the complex usually caters more towards academic programmes and religious spiritual education for its residents.

Presently situated at Subok since its establishment in 1982, KRK houses children under 18 undergoing rehab as well as victims of abuse cases in need of protection in the sultanate.

The officer in-charge of KRK went on to say that as NCB’s Pusat Al-Islah is the leading agency for rehabilitating drug users, it is vital for KRK in seeking upon their expertise in manning the complex’s children or teens with drug–related cases. “We’ve heard of success stories of Pusat AI-Islah (residents) so we want our residents to be completely recovered from any drugs influence by having the experts (from NCB) to guide these kids as well,” said Khairul.

He added that his division is now in the process of referring these KRK residents to undergo counselling sessions with counsellors from NCB’s Pusat Al-Islah which will takes place in the next two weeks.

He also hopes that the collaboration between these two parties does not end there. “We are looking to collaborate more with NCB in any other areas of interest, not just for counselling but maybe like visiting the bureau or the prison (among others) in the near future,” he said.

Due to the current shortage of counsellors for KRK residents, the official from JAPEM also disclosed that KRK has been working closely with the Ministry of Education’s Counseling and Career Guidance Unit (UKK) to help with KRK residents’ group counselling since early this year.

He added that the counselling sessions conducted by counsellors from the ministry are not ‘one way interaction’ or the typical talks but more conducive to learning with ‘interactive’ games and activities. “We already have a fixed schedule for visiting counsellors from the UKK who conduct two group counselling sessions once in two weeks in the complex which will be ongoing until end of the year,” said Khairul.

The Brunei Times