Brunei unaffected by five-year ban on Fukushima products

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FOOD importers and restaurants selling Japanese food products in Brunei were unaffected by the five-year ban on products from the Fukushima district in Japan.

The government imposed restrictions on Fukushima food products in 2011 due to contamination concerns arising from the Fukushima radioactive leak. The ban was lifted last month.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, several businesses confirmed that business was more or less usual for the entire duration of the ban.

A manager at local food importers Guan Hock Lee said that businesses in the country, including her own, were immune to the ban because there were very few products that were imported from Fukushima to begin with.

“Japanese products are not the majority of our business but, to my knowledge, none of our products are from Fukushima or we would have been given a notice by the authorities before,” said Angela Sim.

“In any case, even if the government had not banned Fukushima food products, we would not (stock such products) until our Japanese counterparts have radiation-free certification for the products,” she said.

Sim doubted that there would be many products from Fukushima coming into Brunei, even with the easing of restrictions.

“Demand for products from that area is minimal among Bruneians so I doubt we will import it (Fukushima products),” she said.

Several leading restaurants in the capital also indicated to The Brunei Times that their businesses had been largely unaffected by the ban.

The executive chef of local Japanese restaurant Misato Teppanyaki said he had not heard of any of the Japanese restaurants in Brunei suffering implications from the 2011 ban.

“We were not affected by the ban in any way because our raw materials and other stock are not from Japan but rather from a mixture of Australia and other ASEAN countries,” said Agus Safari.

“I think it was an easy decision by the authorities to ban products from the Fukushima area as hardly any (of their products) are imported here, although it is good that precautions were taken,” he said.

The Brunei Times