MoE checks intervention model data

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THE Curriculum Development Department (CDD) under Ministry of Education is currently gathering feedback from schools to find out how effective its intervention framework launched earlier this year to enhance the academic development of primary and secondary school students.

In a recent interview with The Brunei Times at the Education Ministry’s building, Director of CDD, Hj Abd Rahman Hj Nawi said in ensuring the new framework was effective, his department is currently holding dialogue sessions with school leaders. “It’s still new, we as a department require a systematic approach because it was just launched early this year, so now we are gathering feedbacks whether that framework works or not,” said the CDD Director.

Hj Abd Rahman said the intervention framework seeks to assist low performing students by using intervention models before they fall too far behind in class.

“We have already put in place the intervention framework where if students fall into the low (performing) category, they will be put in group intervention or one-on-one intervention,” he said, adding that the framework equips teachers with guidelines on ways to help students during lessons.

“This is to identify and intervene early with students at risk of falling behind in class,” he said.

The CDD director added that the framework aims to strengthen the academic foundation and further enhance academic achievements among students, but noted that a holistic approach is essential in achieving this.

He urged the cooperation and support from all stakeholders- parents, teachers and students. “The approach is more of a collaboration, whether you are a Math teacher, Science teacher or Malay teacher, you have to collaborate and work together to help in the intervention,” said the senior education official.

“This is more of a support to those students who are left behind so we focus more on early intervention, so that every students reach the same level (in academic),” he added.

The Brunei Times