Kg Lorong Tengah formalises neighbourhood watch committee

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SERIA'S National Housing Scheme (RPN) Kg Lorong Tengah is slated to have its own neighbourhood watch committee sometime after the upcoming Hari Raya celebration next month.

Penghulu of Seria, Hj Jamail Linap, said the move was aimed at making his Mukim a safer area, considering that the two villages – Kg Lorong 3 and RPN Panaga – have gained what he saw as a success in sparking up community activities.

“These community activities, he said, are crucial as the committees could expand their network by getting to know more people in their catchment areas,” he said, adding that this will also enable them to be the first to know and respond in the event of any unwanted incidents.

This, he said, is in line with the purpose of establishing the neighbourhood watch that is to be the eyes and ears of the government in curbing criminal activities throughout the country.

While neighbourhood watch patrols may not necessarily catch crime as it happens, Hj Jamail said it is important for the committees to make a presence in their areas so potential criminals would not dare to commit anything that may endanger village residents.

While preventing crime may be the main purpose, Hj Jamail also said that the neighbourhood watch committees may also expand its role into identifying and reporting community woes.

Besides finding out and reporting damaged infrastructure such as roads, he said the neighbourhood watch members should also bear the responsibility of reminding villagers to be vigilant.

The penghulu also noted that monetary incentives should be given to members of the neighbourhood watch for them to spend on fuel when they go on patrols.

This, he said, may also motivate them to continue carrying out their responsibility.

While RPN Kg Lorong Tengah still has yet to have its own neighbourhood watch established, Hj Jamail said the area is currently being watched over by the existing neighbourhood watch groups from Kg Baru.

A few people have been identified as potential members of RPN Kg Lorong Tengah’s neighbourhood watch, but they would still need to undergo certain processes, which may begin sometime next month, after Hari Raya celebrations.

Seria is currently home to some 20,000 residents with RPN Panaga and RPN Kg Lorong Tengah estimated to have 2,000 residents each.

With more neighbourhood watch committee established, Hj Jamail is positive it can better safeguard the residents.

The Brunei Times