Crumbling home a risk to nearby houses

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AN OLD wooden stilt house in Kg Pintu Malim collapsed several days ago raising concern among the villagers.

“The stilt house, built partly on land and water, slowly began to collapse into the water on Friday night,” said nearby resident Dayangku Hjh Joyah Pg Buntar.

“Since last week, we heard cracking sounds every night, we already suspected it came from the house. It (the sound) became frequent after parts of the house fell off recently,” she told The Brunei Times yesterday. 

“Last Friday night, more of the house started to fall off. There’s nothing much we could do since the house does not belong to us and it is clearly unsafe for anyone to enter,” said the 63-year old woman.

Dayangku Hjh Joyah’s son, Pg Mohin Pg Hj Ahmad expressed his concerns as his mother who lives in one of the houses connected to the crumbling house is at risk should the house totally collapse.

  “The situation of the house is worrying as the house could affect other houses as they are situated close to one another. Before the emptied house falling sideways to my mother’s house, there is a need to take some actions on this,” he said.

“That empty house is somehow ‘attached’ to two houses. There is one house in the middle owned by a family of three and it is connected to my mother’s house (so) if the house wholly collapse, it will affect us too,” he said.

He said the stilts of the house are not strong as it was abandoned for more than five years without maintenance and is at risk of rotting.

“We came here every day to visit our mother since last year after we got housing in Kg Katok ‘B’. She doesn’t want to follow us and preferred to stay here,” said Pg Mohin, adding that his family had been living in the house for more than 20 years.

Pg Mohin said there were several houses in Kg Pintu Malim Ayer that had collapsed in recent years and have been cleared by people in the village so that they could have better environment.

The Brunei Times