UCAS Tutors launches free service

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A GROUP of government scholars have launched a free tutoring service in a bid to help other Bruneian students enter higher education.

Sorfina Ghazali, one of the six A Level students in the United Kingdom running UCAS Tutors, said the service was recently set up with the mission of widening access to higher education by encouraging sixth form students in the sultanate to apply to universities.

“We aim to provide that extra ‘polish’ as we, ourselves, have been extensively groomed by our sixth form college,” she said in an email.

While tutoring services for university admission are “extremely popular”, she found it was only widely practiced among predominantly privileged applicants. She believes the hefty fees charged by these businesses have created an uneven playing field to university admissions.

By providing a free tutoring service, Sorfina hopes it will motivate more Bruneian students from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education.

“We decided to start this (as) our way of giving back to the community and making use of our unique insight into UCAS,” said the group on their website, referring to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.

Through UCAS Tutors, the government scholars will assist other Bruneian sixth form students with various aspects of the higher education application process, from personal statement editing to university and course advice.

Besides tutoring for admissions tests, they also offer one-on-one interviews to help applicants prepare for the scholarship panel and Oxbridge-style interviews.

“Upon reflection, we realised that it is extremely unfair that the application process tends to favour those who have been groomed for it, which reinforces the idea that only certain people can do certain courses or get into certain universities,” said UCAS Tutors.

Sixth form students who require help with the admission process for local and international universities or are seeking career advice should contact UCAS Tutors by visiting www.ucastutors.wordpress.com.

The Brunei Times