Less rainfall expected from late June to September

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BRUNEI is expected to experience less rainfall later this month until September, an officer at the Meteorological Department said yesterday.

Currently, the country is experiencing showers which generally occur in the late morning and early afternoon or evening.

Duty forecaster Nurulinani Hj Jahari said that the less rainfall is due to the approaching Southwest monsoon. During the Southwest monsoon season, fewer rainy days are usually experienced compared to the inter-monsoon period from May to date.

She also stressed the possibility of the sultanate to experience haze, which usually at its peak during the Southwest monsoon season. “This usually happens due to trans-boundary haze. This does not mean we will experience haze throughout the Southwest monsoon period. It may last for a few days or a week, clear off, and may reoccur again,” she said.

According to the Meteorological Department, the Southwest monsoon also coincides with the season of active development of cyclonic systems, such as tropical storms and typhoons, over the Northwest Pacific and South China Sea.

Nurulinani said the cyclonic systems would tend to develop near Philippines, Taiwan or Japan and were rather unpredictable. It was also unknown when exactly the typhoon would develop.

“When it occurs, Brunei tends to experience occasional gusty thunderstorms. Weather like this is usually short-lived,” she said.

Brunei may or may not experience severe gusty thunderstorms, as it depends on how active the typhoon development is this year, the forecaster said.

Meanwhile, the latest prediction from the leading world climate centres stated that El-Niño conditions over the Pacific Ocean continues to weaken.

“We shall continue monitoring the weather and climate conditions and will issue weather advisories or warnings, as and when necessary,” the department said in a statement.

For latest weather updates, the public can contact the duty meteorological forecaster through their weather line 114, or visit their website at www.met.gov.bn. The public can also follow their Facebook (bruneiweather) and Brunei WX mobile application.

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