Kg Jerudong Mosque highlights importance of fasting in Ramadhan talk

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THE Kg Jerudong Mosque yesterday organised a talk titled “Ramadhan and fasting: Let’s maximise them” which was open to all women congregants.

Delivered by Hjh Sharifah Khadijah Hussein Al Kaff, the speaker highlighted the purpose of fasting, the importance of making niat (intention) and controlling one’s appetite.

“Fasting is a beginning for spiritual cleanliness. By fasting, we try to free ourselves from the command and control of our nafs (desires) and from our sins.”

This, said Hjh Sharifah Khadijah, will help Muslims attain a “higher spiritual station and draw closer to Allah SWT”.

She said fasting can purify the heart and control the nafs, flush out “poison” from the body and purify it and allow the rich to experience the pain and suffering of the poor.

“Fasting can also distance one from hellfire, bring them closer to paradise and acts as shield with which a Muslim protects himself from the fire,” she added.

Hjh Sharifah Khadijah also explained the three levels of fasting. The first level of fasting is abstaining from food, drinks and sexual satisfaction.

The second level of fasting involves keeping one’s ears, eyes, tongue, hands, feet and all other organs free from sin meanwhile the third level is protecting the heart from unworthy and worldly thoughts, disregarding all except Allah SWT.

The Brunei Times