Women’s Council holds annual tadarus ceremony

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THE Women’s Council of Brunei Darussalam continued its annual tadarus ceremony to glorify the month of Ramadhan.

Thirteen women associations and organisations attended the tadarus at the home of Women’s Institute of Brunei’s vice president, Datin Hjh Mariam Abdullah.

Vice President II of the Women’s Council and Adviser to the Women’s Institute Datin Hjh Masni Hj Ali said the annual event is not only a way to enliven the fasting month, but also to foster better ties with the women who are association members.

“These events can also strengthen our aqidah (faith). As woman leaders at the grassroots level, we have a very big responsibility and a moral obligation to strengthen our Islamic faith,” said Datin Hjh Masni.

“In this modern age there are so many influences and they are not all good. Some can undermine our aqidah and one of our roles, especially in the family, is to equip the children or younger members with a strong faith. Women are the primary teachers and we can help children before they are off to school,” she added.

She also said the annual tadarus would be able to help their Muslim members get closer to the Quran especially since there will be someone to help correct their readings should they make a mistake.

“There is no excuse to not read the Quran now given the ease we can access it. We must also reflect on the meaning because some of the verses may have a special meaning to us personally and touch our lives,” she said.

A total of 70 members from 13 women’s association participated in the annual event.

The tadarus is expected to run throughout the whole month of Ramadhan with the next ceremony to be hosted by the Brunei Malay Teachers Association

The Brunei Times