Muslims urged to prioritise mass Maghrib prayers

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MUSLIMS should prioritise joining mass Maghrib prayers as mosques are “being left near empty” while people break their fast at home, said a speaker from the Islamic Da’wah Centre.

In a religious lecture at the Kg Tanah Jambu Mosque yesterday, Ustaz Drs Hj Ismuhadi Hj Abdullah urged Muslims to observe sungkai at the mosque to enable them to immediately perform the Maghrib prayer in congregation.

“Usually, only a few people show up for Maghrib prayers at the mosque in Ramadhan. It is a pity because good deeds are rewarded by manifold this month,” he said.

He explained that Allah SWT multiplies the rewards of good deeds by 70 throughout the fasting month, thus Muslims should “grab the opportunity” to reap blessings by joining mass Maghrib prayers at the mosque.

“Whenever possible, we should ideally perform the Maghrib prayer in congregation so the mosques are not left empty,” said Ustaz Drs Hj Ismuhadi.

The speaker encouraged Muslims to share their food and drinks with other mosque congregants for sungkai as it is considered a charitable act in Islam which is rewarded greatly by Allah SWT. He further advised them to eat a light meal in accordance to the sunnah.

“Don’t consume a heavy meal. Have dates and water instead for sungkai, so you are still able to perform your prayers afterwards,” he said.

During his talk, he called on Muslims to repent sincerely and seek mercy from Allah SWT. He also underscored the importance of continuing good deeds after Ramadhan to amass more blessings in preparation for the Hereafter.

The Brunei Times