‘Increase acts of worship this month’

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IMAMS around the sultanate reminded Muslims to increase acts of worship or religious duties during the month of Ramadhan.

These include seeking more forgiveness (istighfar), increasing repentance (taubat), performing voluntary prayers, charity, remembering Allah SWT and reading the Quran.

“We are grateful for the opportunity given to us to live until this blessed month whose beginning is (steeped in) mercy... and its end is emancipation and freedom from hellfire,” imams said.

The Friday sermon reminded Muslims to welcome Ramadhan by seizing the opportunity to “intensify religious duties where Allah SWT promised to reward us manifold for everything we do”.

According to imams, fasting is one of the special ways of worshipping Allah SWT because the rewards and compensation of a fasting person would be judged by Allah SWT only.

During this holy month, we should make it a habit to pray in congregations in the mosque, said the imams.

“The prayer (solat) that we offer in congregation outside the month of Ramadhan (as promised by Allah SWT to) earns us 27 times the prayers we perform alone and the reward of congregational prayer would be more during Ramadhan.”

Additionally giving sedekah (alms) is also more rewarding when done during this month, added the imams.

“We should also increase our dua (supplications) because the dua of a fasting person, especially during the breaking of fast (iftar), is very effective.”

As stated in Prophet Muhammad SAW’s hadith narrated by Ibnu Majah: ‘Verily the supplication of a fasting person while breaking his fast would not be rejected.’

The imams said it is important to be knowledgeable about the sunnah (superogatory deeds) that are connected with fasting. One of them is to take sahur (pre-dawn meal).

“We should always remember that the time during which we take sahur, is a very blessed one. For this reason we should not miss having a meal at that time, even if it would only be a sip of water.”

“It is also recommended to delay sahur to the later part of the night, leaving the length of time to read 50 verses of the Quran as a gap between the end of sahur and the call for Subuh prayer.

Muslims were also advised to hasten the breaking of fast and not to overeat when doing so.

“What is the point in abstaining from food during the day but (overeat when you break your fast)? If this is our attitude, then the concept of fasting which is refraining ourselves from excessive and extravagance is not achieved.”

“(In Ramadhan, Muslims also need) to safeguard the tongue from speaking ill of others, using bad language, lying, backbiting, slandering, uttering words with pride, self-conceit and hypocrisy or anything else which can lead to hostility,” imams said.

Muslims are also advised to “keep the ears from listening to what is prohibited and disliked by Allah SWT because everything that is pronounced inappropriately is also forbidden to be heard”.

“Likewise, we should (refrain) from breaking with food which is deemed doubtful (syubhah) ,” said the imams.

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