Highest temperature in April, May

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THE Meteorological Department recorded this year’s highest temperature of 36 degrees celsius three times in the past two months, exceeding the average of 29 degrees celsius for that period.

The department said Brunei recorded 36 degrees celsius on April 20, as well as on May 26 and 27.

The lowest recorded temperature for April was 23 degrees celsius, while the lowest for May was 25 degrees celsius.

Previously, the department’s Climate Services Division had said the maximum recorded temperature for 2015 was 35 degrees celsius, and that Brunei first hit 36 degrees Celsius this year in January.

Duty forecaster at the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department Md Affindi Hj Sabli yesterday said the department was expecting maximum temperatures of 32 to 34 degrees celsius over the next few weeks.

Md Affindi said the sultanate is currently experiencing the “inter-monsoon” period at the moment, on its way to the Southwest Moonsoon period.

During the inter-monsoon period, people can expect occasional thunderstorms to occur, he said.

The Brunei Times