Belait Fair organiser evaluates outcome

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THE organiser of the recently concluded Belait Fair, the Village Consultative Council of Mumong, is evaluating the shortcomings which led to the fair’s poor turnout in order to improve their management of future events.

Village head of Mumong, Yang Berhormat Hj Mohd Yusof Dulamin said the fair – the MPK’s economic bureau's biggest undertaking to date – endured a tough month-long spell after many of its assigned activities, designed to draw in crowds, failed to materialise.

“In hindsight, the timing for the fair was not the best. There are several restrictions on organising public activities during Sya’aban (as it leads to Ramadhan),” said YB Hj Mohd Yusof in a recent interview.

“These and other factors we need to look at and take stock of so that when we organise a future fair, we will have learned the lessons and organise differently.”

The event manager for the fair Mizswan Company, who were tasked with overseeing activities for the fair, previously said that a “Fun Zone” for recreational activities would be organised at Kuala Belait's waterfront.

However the zone, located strategically opposite the retail and food sections, never got off the foot, leaving several vendors from the air-conditioned section, who were “counting on” the activities to reel in public, disappointed.

Vendors said the activities mentioned to them included horse riding, flying fox, boat race and car shows. The centre space within the air-conditioned zone, was also designed to be a stage and activity area, but only a handful of activities were held.

Mizswan's director, Morni Hj Zakaria however pushed responsibility onto the vendors who complained, saying the public response was fundamentally down to the attractiveness of their products.

When dissatisfied vendors planned to band together to lodge a formal complaint, the company in-charge of providing the tents and air-conditioning, Rosnah Yusof and Sons’ (RYS), stepped in to offer a compromise.

RYS Business Development Manager Foo Kiang Ming said vendors in the air-conditioned zone were offered an additional month’s stay for $300, a fifth of the amount they forked out to join the fair.

Fourteen of the 16 vendors responded positively, taking up the offer, and are now are incorporated into the on-going Ramadhan fair.

“Hearing the complaints from the vendors, we needed to find a way to help. I suggested to the organiser (YB Hj Mohd Yusof) and event manager (Mizswan) if we could offer to extend at a very discounted rate and we (collectively) agreed.”

The Brunei Times