KUPU SB staff, students urged to uphold Islamic values

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STAFF and students of the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) should continue to uphold Islamic values in order for the college to prosper, its acting ra’es said yesterday.

Dr Ustaz Hj Adnan Hj Basa, during the KUPU SB tadarus with invited 150 staff and students, reminded the congregants to practise truthfulness and fairness during everyday tasks.

“We should perform our dealings with fairness, fairness to ourselves, fairness to our children, to our families, society and government,” he said urging listeners to do the best and provide the best service they can for the ummah of Islam.

InsyaAllah, if we do what is good and beneficial, it will increase our faith and we will gain blessings from Allah SWT. He or she will face no obstructions as long as he or she strives (in everyday tasks) with faith and taqwa (obedience to Islamic laws and fear of Allah SWT),” the acting ra’es said.

He also reminded congregants to be patient, an important part of being a Muslim.

“So uphold your patience while doing good deeds, be patient while doing everyday tasks, and be patient in anything that requires energy,” he said.

Dr Ustaz Hj Adnan added that it was not enough to solely depend upon one’s academic accreditation in driving KUPU SB forward.

“I wish to remind you and myself, first and foremost that in our mission is to be the best intellect and be academic, it is not enough to solely depend on our master’s or PhDs, even though it is needed in (contemporary) society, but the possession of this knowledge should not be independent of Islamic knowledge which is equally as important,” the acting ra’es said.

He urged the students and staff to continue propagating Islam through various worldwide platforms such as the Internet, particularly the social media.

Dr Ustaz Hj Adnan reminded congregants that it was by Allah SWT that Muslims were saved from being jahil (ignorant) and he further urged students and staff not to be complacent with what the Almighty has given them and that they should share the knowledge granted upon him or her to others.

“What have we done with our ilmu (knowledge), have we practiced it? Have we taught it? Or have we just kept it to ourselves?” he said rhetorically.

“So carry out your duties with sincerity and be sincere in doing something for the cause of Allah SWT and continue doing so with professionalism and attentiveness,” he said.

The Brunei Times