Information Dep’t briefs students on nationhood

National 1 minute, 33 seconds


THE Department of Information through its Nationhood Section continued with its patriotic programme by visiting Sultan Jamalul Alam Secondary School (SMJA) in the capital yesterday.

More than 200 Year 8 students were briefed by an officer from the department, Hjh Noriah Hj Hamid, on the proper way to mount the national flag and the history of the national anthem ‘Allah Peliharakan Sultan’.

The students also watched a video titled ‘Kibarkanlah Dengan Megah Bendera Negara’ (Fly the Magnificent National Flag) and participated in a quiz related to the briefing.

“Our role is mainly to educate and remind the students on the proper way to mount the national flag and the proper etiquette they must adhere to during the national anthem,” said Hjh Noriah.

She said the briefings are also held to ensure that students appreciate and sing the national anthem with a nationalistic and patriotic spirit.

“Whenever they see the national flag and sing the national anthem, we want them to feel proud of the country.

“As a visionary generation, it’s important for them to have such strong nationalistic and patriotic spirit as future leaders of the country,” she said.

A representative of SMJA who declined to be named said it is important for such briefings to be held to increase students’ knowledge.

“Especially since nowadays, there’s a lack of appreciation towards the national anthem. When asked, some students can’t sing it fluently.

“Therefore, it’s important for us to instil a sense of identity in the students from an early stage, particularly on the nation and today’s topic, which is on the appreciation of the national anthem and history of the national flag,” she added.

The programme is part of the department’s mission to instil patriotism in students.

The department aims to visit 34 government and private secondary schools in Brunei-Muara District this year.

The Brunei Times