Wholesome meals for 365 people this Ramadhan from MKM

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LOCAL non-governmental organisation Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) is feeding 365 people from needy families for this year’s Ramadhan.

The 10-day distribution of cooked food for the less fortunate started yesterday, and members from 62 families started collecting the “wholesome meals” at the MKM office in Serusop.

“We are giving them chicken curry, rice and vegetables using fresh ingredients to make sure they receive a wholesome meal. Each container that feeds one person is worth around three dollars,” MKM Secretary Hamidah Lakem said, adding that donations received by the organisation are used to buy the ingredients.

“With the declining economy, it makes it ever more important for us to try and help the less fortunate through such initiatives like this (food distribution).”

Hamidah said that ‘clients’ or the needy under MKM’s care face many constraints in trying to provide for their families and themselves.

“For example, it is the common case where the single mothers (under MKM) who are working barely have enough to pay for their family’s necessities such as school supplies and food.

She said that after financial deductions from monthly payments single mothers are usually left with under $100 to support their families including their children and “sometimes their mothers who live with them”.

“On top of all that, they have their car to pay for and gas. Cars in Brunei are not a luxury but a basic necessity,” she said, adding that other categories of the needy include the elderly and orphans

She said the food distribution project aimed to cheer and lift up the spirits of the needy and to show the less fortunate that they are “being cared for by the people around them.”

Asked why the food distribution project was only for 10 days, she said it was due to the many charity projects MKM has lined up for this month.

She said council members will be heading to Miri on the 19th to aid needy children there as well as a hold a sungkai for the less fortunate at the Stadium Restaurant in Berakas.

The Brunei Times