Prosecution seeks to speed up trial of man accused of molestation, kidnapping attempt

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THE prosecution is seeking to expedite the trial of a man accused of molesting a young girl and attempting to kidnap her after they had the case remitted from the High Court to the Intermediate Court yesterday.

During the proceedings at the Intermediate Court, Deputy Public Prosecutor Hjh Rozaimah Hj Abd Rahman said they had opted for the trial to be heard at the Intermediate Court as the High Court could only hear the matter next year.

Presiding Intermediate Court Judge Muhammed Faisal PDJLD DSP Hj Kefli has set a further mention of the case for June 15.

The defendant, Pg Shahirul Hamadi Pg Hj Jaya, claimed trial last year over the charge of molesting 11-year-old Miss X on the premises of St Andrew’s School and a charge of attempting to kidnap her and another young girl from the school.

The court document states that on the afternoon of June 29, 2015, the defendant attempted to kidnap Miss X, a student at St Andrew’s, from the lawful guardianship of the headmaster of the school. The charge carries up to 10 years in prison and fines.

Pg Shahirul Hamadi was initially facing two charges of attempted kidnapping, but the prosecution yesterday withdrew one of the charges, amounting to an acquittal.

Defence counsel Sheikh Noordin is representing Pg Shahirul Hamadi during the trial.

Pg Shahirul Hamadi was released on $10,000 bail on the condition that he is not to become involved in other offences, not to approach any school compound and not to interfere with prosecution witnesses.

The Brunei Times