Brunei Sultans books to be launched soon

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THE Curriculum Development Department (CDD) under the Ministry of Education (MoE) will be launching five history books to foster a better understanding of Brunei’s past monarchs among primary school students.

According to the director of CDD, Hj Abd Rahman Hj Nawi, the books are expected to be launched by the end of this year and will be distributed to all government primary schools in the sultanate.

The five books are _Sultan Muhammad Hasan: Hukum Kanun Brunei, Brunei Pusat Perdagangan Serantau, Sultan Abdul Jalilul Akbar: Marhum Tua, Sultan Husin Kamaluddin: Marhum Di Luba _and Pulau Chermin - Perang Saudara.

Hj Abd Rahman said the books will focus on Brunei’s past sultans as a source of reference for the young generation in preserving the nation’s cultural heritage.

“Brunei’s history is very important. Understanding the links between past and present is vital for a good understanding of the human condition. This is why history matters. It’s not just ‘useful’; it’s essential,” he told The Brunei Times.

According to CDD, five books were launched in January this year as part of the MoE’s initiative in equipping students with a more in-depth knowledge of Brunei’s history.

They included Sultan Muhammad Shah: Hubungan Awal Brunei–China, Sultan Sharif Ali: Sultan Berkat, Sultan Saiful Rijal: Perang Kastila, Sultan Abdul Kahar: Marhum Keramat and Sultan Bolkiah: Nakhoda Ragam.

CDD said all history books are produced ‘in-house’ where the designs and illustrations are done by a team from their unit.

“The books come in a set of five, and we will be producing more in the future,” he said.

Hj Abd Rahman said the books are included in the primary students’ ‘must-read list’ to ensure they read them.

Aside from the history books, CDD last year collaborated with the Brunei History Centre in organising a video-making competition to promote history using multimedia and information technology.

The competition was won by Mahad Islam Brunei, and copies of their history video were distributed to primary schools across the country.

Hj Abd Rahman said the competition was well received, adding that his department is planning to hold similar competitions in the future.

He added that the most influential role models for developing students are their teachers and parents.

He urged teachers to be creative in their teaching methods, noting that they shouldn’t solely rely on the so-called ‘chalk and talk’ method if they want to engage their students.

“Take them to historical places in Brunei that they’ve never been to.

“Teachers need to engage students further so they enjoy studying history and recognise the value (of history),” he said.

The Brunei Times