Fighting crime in Kg Sg Teraban

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THE village head of Kg Sg Teraban has suggested that the abandoned clinic in the area be transformed into a police outpost to boost efforts at preventing crime.

The monthly crime rate may have remained low for Kg Sg Teraban, but Mohd Mersidi Mohd Shara said there is always the possibility of crime being perpetuated in the village’s less populated areas.

Mohd Mersidi mentioned the recent alleged murder that claimed the life of a foreign national, which adds to the need to boost police visibility.

The village is known for many secluded locations that are sparsely populated and its lack of street lighting that make it susceptible to criminals seeking refuge.

While installing proper street lighting to the area would help, Mohd Mersidi said that what is needed is increased police visibility especially at night to deter criminal activity.

Mohd Mersidi said that the presence of the Neighbourhood Watch has helped the village and the police in preventing crime. “But its members are only able to fully operate under the supervision of the police; and without them, it may not be safe for everyone of us,” he said.

The Brunei Times