A clean wash, a fresh new start

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A CAR wash service at Sumbangsih Mulia’s parking lot in Beribi opened up recently to help ‘rakan seliaan’ (Friends with Supervision) start a better life after prison.

The car wash service is an initiative of the Sumbangsih Mulia management and the Counselling and Supervision Services of the Prisons Department.

In an interview with the manager of the carwash, Md Isham Hj Abu Bakar said that after he was released from prison he became active with a car wash service together with his friends and recently participated with some programme held under the prison department.

He didn’t know that this would lead him to open up his own business.

Md Isham was a former inmate who was released from prison in 2008 and had worked with Auto Service Asma Boy Services which was a car wash company collaboration with the Prisons Department.

“After the programme, I began a car wash service with friends until the officials from prisons department came forward to lend a hand for the business.

“They support my efforts to open up the business and tell me it’s a good business as well as activity for me to encourage other ‘Friends with Supervision’ to start anew,” he said.

In an early stage of the carwash service, around five to six of ‘Friends with Supervision’ are working under the car wash services.

Insya Allah, we will develop this business and make this place as a starting point for former inmates to work and motivate them to open up their own business.

Md Isham said this activity could help them to prevent from committing crime and relapse.

“From my point of view, having a mindset of wanting to open up business pushes me to live a positive life.

He said with the support from other people or government, it makes him even more confident to continue his dream to open up a business.

“Hopefully, the business will continue for a long time. We just need people to believe that we can provide services for the public despite our dark past.," said the manager.

The head of the Counselling and Supervision Services, Pg Omar Pg Hj Othman said that the carwash business is following the terms and procedures that has been set by prisons department and Sumbangsih Mulia management.

“Diligence and high commitment that we can see from Md Isham motivates us to help him and trust him to become a manager for the car wash at Sumbangsih Mulia,” said the official.

The site for the car wash and car cleaning machines and products were sponsored by Yang Berhormat Pehin Kapitan Lela Diraja Dato Paduka Goh King Chin.

The Brunei Times