Help ‘on the way’ to repair Kg Kilanas home

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HELP is on the way for the family of nine whose house at Spg 29 of Jln Ban 5 is in partial collapse, said Village Head of Kg Kilanas Hj Mohd Rais Hj Sabtu yesterday.

It was previously reported that the 37-year-old wooden house where housewife Norja Zaman, her husband and seven children live in is in a precarious state after the kitchen collapsed last week.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Hj Mohd Rais urged patience as the circumstances of the house meant that the process would involve several agencies and would not be immediately done.

“I have already informed the authorities of the problem and it is going through the processes but I cannot guarantee that it will happen very soon because the problem involves several parties,” he said.

“Part of the problem is that the house is built on a temporary ownership licence issued by the Land Department so any changes done to the house must also go through these agencies because ultimately, the government is the owner of the land,” he said.

Hj Mohd Rais added that only Baiduri Bank is thus far the only private entity that has enquired about the possibility of assisting the family in repairing the house.

“They wanted to have a look at how they can help but nothing has been confirmed yet as I explained the situation of the house to them but I hope that in due time more would come forward to help,” he said.

When interviewed yesterday, Norja said she had tried to raise her concerns on the state of her house to the different organisations and agencies who provide assistance to her family but no substantial help was offered.

“I hope that it will not take something untoward happening to one of my children before help arrives.

“In any case, it will be hard but I am sure my husband and I can manage as he works as a transport driver for construction projects so maybe his colleagues can find the materials needed to fix the house though it would take a long time,” she added.

Norja said the wooden house was built in 1979 by her late father and she eventually inherited it.

Hj Mohd Rais said the family already receives assistance in education for the children, allowances and household donations from several agencies including the Community Development Department (JAPEM).

Should any private individuals or members of the public want to provide assistance or donations, he said they should approach him or the Kilanas Village Consultative Council.

The Brunei Times