Fukuyama Chamber of Commerce explores biz opportunities in Brunei

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A SEVEN-member delegation from the Fukuyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently visited Brunei from June 3 to 4 to explore business opportunities here, said the Japanese embassy’s first secretary.

First Secretary Tokuro Ambe said the during the visit, ambassador Noriko Iki met with them over lunch and briefed them on Brunei in general, including the attractiveness of Brunei for foreign investors.

They also learned about incentives the Bruneian government offers to foreign investors.

“By talking with them, we have got an impression that forestry and woodworking can be one potential areas (for investment). The delegation members comprise all Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the population of Fukuyama city is about the same as that of Brunei,” he said.

The envoy added: “ I think there are many things that SMEs from Fukuyama can contribute to the diversification of Brunei economy. Japan would like to strengthen the bilateral ties with Brunei by contributing to the diversification.”

The delegation comprised of entrepreneurs in such businesses as forestry, agriculture, construction, woodworking, machineries, healthcare and medical equipment, logistics and storage.

Following the visit, Yasushi Ogawa, head of the delegation and president of Nitto Corporation - a construction and painting company - said they are looking to seek investment opportunities in Brunei.

First secretary Tokuro told The Brunei Times the embassy hoped the delegation members are now more familiar with Brunei, and will share the information on Brunei with their colleagues in the Fukuyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The embassy also hoped the delegation will consider doing business or investment in Brunei, and return here in the near future.

Fukuyama is a city in the Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the western part of Japan.

With a population of about 470,000, the city is the second largest in the prefecture after the City of Hiroshima.

The embassy said Fukuyama is home to not only one of the largest steel factories in the world, but also to other manufacturing industries, such as ship-building, electronics, textiles and processed food.

Its vicinity to a major sea port and the motorway network makes the city a logistics hub in the region.

The city is also a regional rail hub and home to over 70 elementary schools. The Fukuyama University offers various courses of study, but excels in pharmacology programme.

The Brunei Times