UK bruneihalal products available in Brunei soon

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BRUNEIANS will soon be able to purchase bruneihalal brand chicken and lamb packaged meals from the United Kingdom at supermarkets here, as the first shipment arrived two days ago.

These products are from a Brunei certified abattoir in the UK, certified by the Ministry of Religious Affairs here.

The meats are also processed in the UK.

In addition to distributing these bruneihalal products in supermarkets in the UK and Brunei, Ghanim International Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Nur Rahman said yesterday that they have also begun exporting these value-added lamb and chicken products to the Middle East, including Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Alhamdullilah, these are some of the good results out of the (structural and organisational) changes we have made over the last few months. We will continue to make positive changes needed for the business and will continue to grow,” he said.

Ghanim International Corporation Chairman Dato Paduka Dr Hj Mohd Amin Liew Abdullah told The Brunei Times they are looking to expand their products over time.

“We are still at the beginning of many things that we want to do. What we have achieved so far with our operation in the UK and our efforts with all the various SMEs in Brunei is still the very beginning of a long journey,” he said.

Dato Paduka Dr Hj Mohd Amin Liew said, in the UK, Ghanim is continuing to establish a strong foothold in their position in the retail sector.

“We are also working with potentially some other independent retailers, apart from Tesco and ASDA. Hopefully, we can create a stronger foothold in the UK, and beyond that, we will use the products to penetrate other markets,” he said.

Speaking on exporting their products to some parts of the Middle East for the first time this week, he said if their products are successful there, it will automatically bring them to all the other countries in the Middle East.

Yesterday, 25 new bruneihalal products were launched by Ghanim, including reduced sodium salt, natural sweetener and sweetened dairy creamers, SuperSoya multipurpose whole soybean paste and crackers and cordials.

These 25 products were made through collaboration and partnerships with small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The companies include Sabli Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Sahamada Corporation Sdn Bhd, Hana Soy & World Sdn Bhd and Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd.

Dato Paduka Dr Hj Mohd Amin Liew said the idea behind working and partnering with SMEs is to bring them to bigger markets through Ghanim’s networks.

“It’s also important to support their operations in terms of certification, standards and quality, among others. So the same thing will apply to the bigger operators such as local abattoirs, such as creating products that will not only meet local market (demand) but allow us to export these products to overseas markets,” he said.

Ghanim CEO Dr Nur said they strongly believe their products will be their best ambassador.

“As such, we have and will continue to do market research and identify the needs and demands of consumers. We’ve been collaborating with research partners to come up with a number of health and wellbeing products that are equally tasty, good quality and price competitive,” he said.

Dr Nur said their strategy will continue to strengthen the capabilities of local SMEs, where Ghanim will be opening up the opportunity of marketing products to local and international markets.

“We will continue to work with local SMEs to use the Bruneihalal platform for growing the business together.”

The Brunei Times