RBPF personnel and family convert to Islam

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UTTERING their syahadah (declaration of faith), a Royal Brunei Police personnel and his family members converted to Islam in a ceremony held yesterday at the surau of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) headquarters in Gadong.

Seli Anak Limau, 48, took the Islamic oath declaring her belief in the oneness of Allah SWT and the seal of the Prophet Muhammad SAW by reciting the syahadah in front of officers from the Islamic Dakwah Centre and two witnesses.

After declaring Islam as the one true religion, Seli, who works under RBPF’s General Administration and Finance, chose Muhammad Fadli Abdullah as his Muslim name.

His wife, 43-year-old Leen Anak Kumbong, followed suit and took the name Nur Leena Abdullah. Their children, Merliny Anak Seli and Denny Anak Seli, chose the names Nur Mariya Arissa Muhammad Fadli and Rayyan Muhammad Fadli respectively.

The conversion ceremony was held in the presence of the recently appointed commissioner of police Dato Seri Pahlawan Hj Mohd Jammy Hj Muhd Shah Al Islam who congratulated the new Muslim family.

The ceremony yesterday began with a mass _Sunat Hajat _prayer led by the Imam of the RBPF surau and concluded with a mass ‘Asar prayer.

The Brunei Times