Kilanas home in danger of collapsing

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A HOME to a family of nine in Kilanas is in danger of collapsing after their kitchen floor gave way earlier this week.

Housewife Norja Zaman said the floor collapsed a few minutes after she finished washing the dishes.

“I heard a loud crashing sound after I was done. Luckily no one was hurt, as we weren’t in the kitchen at the time. We sealed off the area with some wood, but I still fear for the safety of my youngest son and eldest daughter,” said Norja.

She has seven children and her husband is a foreigner who works for a private company.

Her eldest daughter, who is 18, has been blind since she was two years old while her youngest is four and has yet to start school.

When The Brunei Times visited the family house yesterday in Ban 5, it found that it is in need of a number of major repairs.

Norja said the wooden house was built in 1979. It was owned by her late father and she eventually inherited it.

“I fear that the roof will go too as water can come through when it rains. It rained the night before and left the house wet,” she said.

While the family receives various types of aid from the government, Norja said they may not be able to carry out repairs immediately as they lack the necessary resources.

According to Norja, they have been visited by the Village Head of Kilanas, the Department of Community Development and the Humanitarian Aids Response Team (HEART).

The Village Head, Hj Mohd Rais Hj Sabtu, in an interview said he had visited the family home and is aware of their predicament.

He said he has been searching for ways to help the family.

Should any private individuals or members of the public want to provide assistance or donations, he said they should approach him or the Kilanas Village Consultative Council.

The Brunei Times