Expertise sought forimproved Fire Safety Order

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THE Fire and Rescue Department is seeking the expertise of the Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Sdn Bhd and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) to refine its newly-introduced Fire Safety Order (FSO) 2016.

Deputy Head of Fire Prevention Unit Hj Juni Hj Aris said the department is eyeing BSP’s expertise and standards on petroleum management, and RBAF on its safety procedures to handle transportation of explosives.

He was speaking on the sidelines of an FSO 2016 roadshow, the last of its first phase, held at the Municipal Hall at Kuala Belait Town yesterday, which saw the attendance of business-owners and representatives from RBAF and BSP.

The move, he said, is aimed at refining the already introduced FSO 2016, which only includes general descriptions of acts and actions to be taken on matters relating to petroleum and explosives.

Moreover, he said the department is also in need of more experts in the area, so they may be able to formulate a more elaborate description and action to safeguard the safety of the people and businesses in the related areas.

“BSP may already have its own specific rules and regulation in (integrating) safety for its petroleum management procedures, while we only include that generally in the FSO 2016,” he said.

“And that is why we need to collaborate with them and get their inputs, as they had been amongst the (front-liners) in dealing with such matter,” he added.

Getting their input, however, does not mean that the FSO 2016 will be changed or revised, he said.

“But there may be additions from their feedbacks, so most likely there will be additions to the FSO 2016; but it will take longer time to do and may need further discussions with them,” he added.

Besides that, Hj Juni said that public feedback on the FSO 2016 is also important so the department could have a better view on how the new law could be efficiently implemented.

“This is why we are implementing our socialisation in phases, starting with the public and business-owners, then Brunei's aviation, including airports and aeroplanes, and then we will focus on the oil and gas companies,” he said.

“And at the second step, we may spend some time working together with BSP and RBAF to find out the best method to be adapted so we may be able to give elaborate details on petroleum and explosive related matters in the FSO 2016,” he said.

“All we want is for Brunei to improve its fire safety standards, InsyaAllah we will be able to achieve this through the FSO 2016,” he said.

The Brunei Times